KJ Tait

15 May 2024

Building Regulations Challenges

With the Building Regulations being updated in England, Wales and Scotland over the last few years, it has become difficult to pass the compliance assessment for all building types.
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22 April 2024

The Importance of a 10 Year Plan

How do you know what to budget for M&E repairs or replacements on your properties each year?  Do you have an up to date 10 Year PMR (Planned Maintenance Report) for your M&E assets? 
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3 November 2023

Minimum Standard for Domestic EPCs

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES for short) has been in place in England for a number of years, this currently mandates a minimum standard of EPC for assured/regulated tenancy agreements of at least an EPC ‘E’.  
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16 October 2023

Constrained Electricity Networks

With the move to electrification of heating systems and generation of electricity through renewables, there is a renewed focus on the constrained distribution of electricity in the UK
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