KJ Tait

22 September 2023

Building a Net Zero Carbon Future: Transforming the UK's Built Environment

Amidst the pressing urgency of climate change, the United Kingdom has an ambitious target: achieving Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050 (2045 in Scotland).
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15 September 2023

Carbon Offsetting

Since carbon offsetting was introduced into the 2016 London Plan as a means of securing at least a 35% reduction in carbon emissions from the Building Regulations it has always been a topic for debate.
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11 September 2023

‘Fabric First’ Building Regulations

The Building Regulations were updated in England in June 2022 (Part L 2021) and in Scotland in February 2023 (Section 2022).  Whilst different, both sets of regulations employ a similar ethos of a ‘Fabric First’ approach when considering heating systems that are not refrigerant based, for example direct electric systems.   
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29 August 2023

Sustainable Strategies for Reducing Energy Consumption in Life Science Laboratories

Life science laboratories play a pivotal role in advancing our understanding of biological processes, developing new medical treatments, and exploring ground breaking scientific discoveries.  However, these facilities are often energy-intensive, with complex equipment, stringent environmental controls and round-the-clock operation
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