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Whole Life-Cycle Carbon

Using OneClick LCA, we can offer a Whole Life-Cycle Carbon analysis for any building that requires one. We complete these to either RICS standard for London Plan projects or to BREEAM stipulations to help developments achieve better BREEAM ratings.

Once we complete a baseline assessment for a scheme, we will set up a workshop with the Design Team to establish if there are areas of the design that could be optimised either via using less or more sustainable materials.
We were early adopters of completing Whole Life-Cycle Carbon Assessments through our experience working with the London Plan. We use One Click LCA, Revit, IES and cost plans to establish a baseline emissions rate using guidance within RICS Whole Life-Cycle Carbon Assessment for the Built Environment. From the baseline, we would initiate a review with the design team to understand what practical measures could be incorporated to reduce the carbon emissions further. This could include aspects such as using less material or different, less carbon intensive materials.

To maximise credits through New Build BREEAM 2018, we are conducting more assessments and reducing carbon emissions through this.

Our current focus is to build better data in and around the services side of the assessment. We are actively looking at Cradle to Cradle lighting systems and those products that have Environmental Produce Declarations (EPDs) or have completed the CIBSE TM65 assessment.


KJ Tait have completed a comprehensive assessment of whole life cycle carbon emissions for the redevelopment of 1-7 Harley Street in London.
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81-103 King’s Road is a proposed 17,000m2 mixed use development located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, London.
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The 2nd Edition of the RICS Whole Life Carbon Assessment Standard was released last week.  Six years since the first edition gained widespread success as a standard in the UK, the 2nd edition is now applicable worldwide. 
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We have recently been investigating PV and whether the carbon associated with manufacture, transport to site and installation would actually pay off over a 20 year lifespan.
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