KJ Tait

Facilities Management

KJ Tait Facilities provide professional engineering support to all property sectors throughout the UK. Our expertise relates to the engineering services of Facilities Management and we employ dedicated Facilities Engineers to support our Clients.

Our Facilities Team have a wide range of experience and expertise from various sectors across the construction industry. This experience allows us to be able to respond and advise on the wide and varied matters that arise when managing a large property portfolio. Our Facilities Team are also supported by the further expertise that is provided within the wider business at KJ Tait. This integration of Facilities Management, Design and Sustainability allows KJ Tait to provide a very comprehensive service to all our Clients.
Our role
Within the Facilities Department we offer a range of services and support functions either as part of large Framework commissions or to individual Clients. These services include:
MEP Contract Procurement
Contractor Performance Monitoring
Life Cycle Costing Report
Licence to Alter Approvals
Minor Works Design and Procurement
Helpdesk Service
Vendor and Acquisition Surveys and Reports
Condition Surveys.
KJ Tait Facilities offer a national coverage, which allows us to support our Clients across their own regional and national portfolios. We have entered into numerous Framework Agreements with both Managing Agents as well as direct with individual Property Owners.

These Framework Agreements allow us to provide a consistent and tailored service across these Estates and to drive continuous improvement and develop new and innovative solutions for the maintenance and operation of these portfolios.

Our Framework Agreements span all areas of the property sector including commercial offices, retail, education and the science sector.
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KJ Tait Facilities have been providing a dedicated technical Facilities Management service for over 25 years. Our Facilities Team work closely with our Design and Sustainability Teams to provide a comprehensive service to our Clients in the management and operation of their buildings. This close integration allows knowledge sharing and lessons learned to enable us to continually enhance and develop the services we provide.

KJ Tait Facilities offer a wide range of skills and expertise across all building services disciplines and property sectors. Our Engineers come from both academic and vocational backgrounds, which gives us good collective experience and knowledge from both a practical and theoretical perspective.
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