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Energy Auditing

We offer an Energy Auditing service that complies with guidance detailed within BS EN16247-01. These audits can be used for compliance with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) when considering emissions associated with buildings.

For these assessments, we analyse the current billing including half hourly data and benchmark the building against its peers. We then visit site to understand the operations of the building and current installations and provide both operational and capital initiatives to improve the energy performance.
The initial desktop phase of an energy audit is the crucial first stage in understanding the energy consumption of a building. This is completed in a number of ways from investigating the half hourly data to understand when energy is being used, to reviewing all the billing to understand utility rates. Sub-meter readings can help identify those areas of the building that have the highest consumption and can help assist the auditor in providing recommendations to reduce consumption once the site visit has been conducted. At the desktop phase, we benchmark the building against similar buildings from our Energy Database, this helps the Client understand how well their building operates next to its peers.

Once on site, our Auditors review the Building Management System in detail and record aspects such as time schedules, operational set points and alarms, and review the operational and maintenance manuals. Both these steps are crucial in being able to provide operational recommendations to reduce the energy consumption.

The final stage of the site visit is to complete a site walk round of all plant rooms, tenanted spaces and roof to inspect age and condition of installations. This will allow the Auditor to assess what capital measures may be needed to further reduce the energy demand.

We provide a detailed plan that includes operational adjustments and capital measures. This plan will reduce the energy demand and bring the building in line with similar buildings within our Energy Database.


KJ Tait was appointed by TotalEnergies E&P UK to conduct an Energy Audit for TotalEnergies House in Westhill, Aberdeenshire, aligning with BS EN-16427 procedures
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110 Cannon Street is an existing multi-tenanted office building in London. The energy consumption had been rising on site, therefore the Client required that an Energy Audit of the building was carried out to understand where savings could be made.
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