KJ Tait

TotalEnergies House, Westhill, Aberdeenshire

TotalEnergies E&P UK

KJ Tait was appointed by TotalEnergies E&P UK to conduct an Energy Audit for TotalEnergies House in Westhill, Aberdeenshire, aligning with BS EN-16427 procedures.  The objective was to benchmark energy consumption, review automatic control systems, assess plant efficiency, and provide recommendations for reducing energy demand.  The audit aimed to support compliance with ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) requirements.


Additionally, KJ Tait was tasked with energy modelling to improve the building's Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating and explore energy-saving upgrades. The study revealed significant potential for energy reduction through operational improvements and capital investments, leading to a more sustainable future for TotalEnergies House.




Comparative benchmarking highlighted that TotalEnergies House outperformed typical electricity consumption benchmarks. However, gas consumption exceeded best practice standards, reflecting the need for energy reduction strategies.


Operational profile


We conducted an examination of the building's current operational profile, delving into the building management system to analyse ventilation, humidification, and heating set points, as well as investigating the operational schedule.


EPC Modelling


An EPC model showed TotalEnergies House with a favourable EPC A15 rating under Section 6 2022 regulations. Transitioning to heat pumps was suggested for further improvement.


Advanced Energy Modelling


In-depth modelling using IES Apache HVAC software unveiled strategies for energy savings and enhanced efficiency:


  • Supply Temperature Optimisation: lowering AHU supply temperatures to 20°C reduced humidification needs, saving energy while improving comfort.
  • Upgraded AHU Fans: proposed fan bank arrangement aimed to align with legislative efficiency targets, reducing ventilation energy consumption.
  • Heat Recovery Solutions: iInvestigated heat recovery implementation in select AHUs to capture and reuse waste heat, further cutting energy demand.
  • Installation of PV array




KJ Tait advised an approach to achieve Net Zero Carbon.  Recommendations included optimising existing systems, installing heat pumps, and integrating PV arrays.  The strategy aimed to enhance sustainability, lower energy demand, and align with evolving industry standards.


By integrating these measures, KJ Tait demonstrated how TotalEnergies House could achieve significant energy reduction, improve EPC ratings, and make strides toward a greener, cost-effective future.