KJ Tait

The Importance of a 10 Year Plan

22 April 2024

How do you know what to budget for M&E repairs or replacements on your properties each year? 


Do you have an up to date 10 Year PMR (Planned Maintenance Report) for your M&E assets? 


This report is an invaluable resource, offering a clear look ahead as to which assets are likely to need replaced, overhauled or upgraded to something more efficient over the coming 10 years.  A PMR can also highlight the need to start accruing funds for major plant replacements in the medium to long term. 


A 10 Year PMR from KJ Tait will provide you with a detailed list of your key M&E assets along with condition and priority ratings, CIBSE economic life expectancy and budget costs for replacements, overhaul or major works required for the upcoming 10 years.  It is also a great resource to share with occupiers to give them peace of mind that their Landlord is planning ahead and prepared for the future of the property. 


KJ Tait’s extensive wealth of knowledge and expertise will help you make sure your properties are financially prepared to futureproof your M&E assets.