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KJ Tait Facilities offer a full national coverage, which allows us to support our Clients across their own regional and national portfolios. We have entered into numerous Framework Agreements with both Managing Agents as well as direct with individual Property Owners.

These Framework Agreements allow us to provide a consistent and tailored service across these Estates and to drive continuous improvement and develop new and innovative solutions for the maintenance and operation of these portfolios.

Our Framework Agreements span all areas of the property sector including commercial offices, retail, education and the science sector.


Scottish Enterprise is a Government Agency which supports economic development, innovation and investment to nurture new Scottish Business initiatives. The Scottish Enterprise Portfolio consists of approximately ten properties located across four separate campuses in Dundee, Livingston, East Kilbride and Edinburgh.
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MAPP are a leading UK Property Management Company with a portfolio covering the length and breadth of the country, operating in all property sectors. MAPP provide specific expertise in the management of commercial offices, retail and science parks with a diverse global client base. KJ Tait have supported MAPP for over 10 years and entered into a National Framework Agreement in 2020.
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