KJ Tait

Open Protocol

3 October 2023

There is often a belief within the industry that you can mix and match fire alarms that are Open Protocol, however, this is not the case. 


So, what does Open Protocol mean?  


An Open Protocol system is when a fire alarm system is unlocked, and any third-party company is then able to maintain the system.  It is excellent if you want full control over your fire alarm system and who supports it.  The commissioning software is also available free of charge for the commissioning of additional devices.  


One of the myths regarding Open Protocol is that if you have an open protocol system, you can mix different manufacturers and devices onto the same system.  This not the case.  If you have a fire alarm system, any devices to be added to the system must be by the same manufacturer and use the same protocol to talk between devices and the main fire alarm control panel. 


The above is true for all fire alarm systems on the market.