KJ Tait

Local Planning

We have extensive experience in local planning sustainability and energy requirements throughout the UK. We have detailed knowledge of the London Plan and can offer design guidance with respect to reducing carbon emissions on site and reducing the risk of overheating via fabric modelling.

For Local Planning in Scotland, we are very familiar with the requirements associated with Section 7 of the Building Regulations for both residential and commercial buildings.
For London planning projects, we have completed a number of referable and non-referable schemes which require the creation of an Energy Strategy that complies with London Plan Policy SI 2 – Minimising Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Net Zero Carbon development. We develop strategies that ensure developments meet the requirements under Policy SI 4 – Managing Heat Risk through our overheating modelling expertise. Where there is a requirement for Whole Life Cycle Carbon Assessments and Circular Economy Statements, we lead the Design Team in calculating this, along with providing recommendations.

Each Local Planning Authority is unique in their requirements for new build and refurbishment schemes, therefore our Team research extensively to ensure each development meets the requirements early in the design process.


Plot A is a proposed 10,000m2 mixed use development of lab ready offices and retail located in Camden, London.
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