KJ Tait

The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre Energy Audit 

28 March 2024

The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre is the world leading centre in structural chemistry data, software and knowledge for materials and life sciences.  


This iconic building was completed in 1992 but was not the most energy efficient with its leaky single glazed windows, real fireplaces (in 1992!) and huge overheating atrium.  The building is local to our Cambridge office and we were commissioned to carry out an Energy Study to look into the thermal properties of the building including before and after air testing and to install a new BMS to give us better data on which to make energy management decisions.  


The window works were completed with Paul Evans Architects a year ago resulting in an annual heating energy reduction of 35% (all fabric first measures) and improved internal comfort.  We also know the building works efficiently with 65°C heating flow year round so it is "Heat Pump Ready" for the next phase of their decarbonisation programme.  


Photo Credits: Paul Evans Architects