KJ Tait

29 September 2023

Whole Life Cycle Carbon Assessment Standard-2nd Edition

The 2nd Edition of the RICS Whole Life Carbon Assessment Standard was released last week.  Six years since the first edition gained widespread success as a standard in the UK, the 2nd edition is now applicable worldwide. 
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25 September 2023

Paying Back the Embodied Carbon of PV

We have recently been investigating PV and whether the carbon associated with manufacture, transport to site and installation would actually pay off over a 20 year lifespan.
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22 September 2023

Building a Net Zero Carbon Future: Transforming the UK's Built Environment

Amidst the pressing urgency of climate change, the United Kingdom has an ambitious target: achieving Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050 (2045 in Scotland).
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1 September 2022

Whole Life Cycle Carbon – Early successes in reducing construction impacts

Upon the implementation of the latest London Plan with its stipulation to calculate the Whole Life Cycle Carbon emissions for Referable Schemes.
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