KJ Tait

Scottish EPC Regulations

17 May 2023

The new Scottish Building regulations (2022) are now in force.  These regulations will have a knock on effect on existing buildings as all EPCs are required to be lodged using these regulations. 


EPCs in Scotland have always been completed using a different method from England, the rating in Scotland being based solely on carbon emissions, not on like for like building types as it is in England.  Therefore, under the previous regulations (2015), those buildings that have a high energy intensity usage in the real world, always had low EPC ratings. 


The biggest change in the regulations is the reduction in the carbon intensity from using grid electricity.  This has reduced by circa 400% compared to the previous regulations.   


Our Modelling so far has produced the following results: 



We do have reservations that the new regulations will not produce the clear path to decarbonising heating systems which Part L is doing in EnglandHowever, our advice would be the same in that there is a need to replace gas with an electric based heating systemOur analysis also shows that any type of building in Scotland can now achieve a minimum of a ‘B’ standard if the heating is decarbonised.