KJ Tait

University of Cambridge, Chemistry of Health

University of Cambridge
Higher & Further Education/Science & Technology

Chemistry of Health is a new £17M research laboratory built for the University of Cambridge and is located behind the existing main Chemistry Department.  The building houses the Centre for Protein Mis-folding Diseases and conducts research into Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Type 2 Diabetes and other related diseases.

The project involved a complex enabling works element to unlock the site, with upgrades and alterations to the main high voltage infrastructure and the bulk liquid nitrogen system being required.   KJ Tait were also involved in a series of energy efficiency initiatives within the laboratory, principally examining the fume exhaust system, including the study and implementation of a wind responsive fume exhaust system.  These initiatives have delivered approximately £80k worth of annual savings which have a return on investment period of 4 years.