KJ Tait

The Welsh Chapel, London

Stone Nest
Heritage/Arts & Community

This project is the conversion of a Grade II listed Chapel on Shaftesbury Avenue into a new centre for performance art.


The main theatre can accommodate up to 200 occupants over two levels and the project includes a basement level restaurant and bar.  The restaurant can cater for 80 covers with a separate private dining area.


The development comprises two buildings, the original Chapel building and adjacent six storey Minister’s House which provides actors changing rooms, offices and a separate small training theatre, the Actor’s Green Room.

The engineering servicing of this Grade II listed building is particularly complex.  All plant and distribution systems have been carefully integrated into the building to maximise the use of roof voids and back of house spaces.  Risers have been incorporated into previously oversized stairways.


The main theatre will be ventilated by natural stack effect with a boost function.


The engineering design had to meet strict acoustic criteria and the project included feature lighting to suit the requirements of a performance and entertainment facility.