KJ Tait

Ruskin College, Oxford

ADP Architecture

To provide the design team with assurances that the proposed new student accommodation at Ruskin College would not overheat, KJ Tait conducted an overheating assessment to CIBSE TM59 standard. This methodology was chosen, as opposed to CIBSE TM52, to ensure that the bedrooms would be comfortable for the occupants.


Student accommodation often presents challenges when considering overheating as a) there is a desire to not provide cooling systems and b) the lack of cross ventilation due to the need for privacy. For safety purposes, the windows will be restricted therefore alternative means of ventilation was important. Our modelling showed that louvres which could be opened at all times would represent the best solution. Further to this, minimum fresh air rates are to be provided by MVHR which works on a summer bypass.


The building benefits from being relatively heavyweight in construction which results in the internal temperatures being more stable throughout the year.


The modelling showed that under the current weather files that the building would be at little risk of overheating. Under the 2050 future weather file, there is an increased chance of overheating, therefore further work in Stage 4 may be needed to understand if there are further measures that could be incorporated to reduce this risk.