KJ Tait

Churchill Square, Brighton


Churchill Square is a major shopping centre in the heart of Brighton. As well as procuring and managing the facilities management contracts for the Centre, KJ Tait has provided MEP design consultancy services for the phased remodelling of the centre.


Projects have included: the reconfiguration of various shop units to provide new shell units; the reconfiguration of back-of-house areas to provide new circulation and distribution routes; the extension of various areas to provide new retail space; and various Landlord plant replacement projects.

We recently carried out an Energy Study of the Mall. Dynamic modelling was utilised to review the risk of overheating if Mall central plant was isolated.


The conclusion of this review was that the smoke vents could be utilised for the majority of the year to control Mall temperatures. The opening vents were reduced in winter and maximised in summer. Central ventilation plant is only needed in extreme summer conditions and the cooling plant can be isolated.