KJ Tait

85-89 Colmore Row, Birmingham

Fidelity Investments

85-89 Colmore Row is a multi-let office in Birmingham built in 1869. The building is currently served via a fan coil system with gas fired boilers and a chiller that are both considered to be beyond their economic life. The building currently holds a ‘D’ rated EPC that will likely drop to an ‘E’ level under the new Part L 2021 methodology.


In order to improve the rating, KJ Tait built a detailed Level 5 EPC model and completed a feasibility study of the types of alternative systems that could be installed. Due to the age of the on-floor fan coil units, we concluded that the HVAC system should be replaced with a new VRF heating and cooling system and new packaged AHU with thermal wheel heat recovery. A small PV array and lighting upgrades across a number of floors were recommended to further improve the rating.

These measures have been programmed in over an 8 year period in line with the plant replacement plan, therefore we are confident that the building can meet the EPC ‘B’ standard by 2030.