KJ Tait

22 Chancery Lane, London

Alduwaliya Asset Management

22 Chancery Lane is a multi-tenanted office building located in London. It was constructed in the 1970s and underwent a significant refurbishment in 2008, which included the installation of new cores, floor plates, and facade. The building is typical of many existing offices in London, utilising fan coil units to condition the spaces, which are supplied by gas-fired boilers and air-cooled chillers 




Given the increasing concern about environmental impact and energy efficiency, our Client is taking proactive steps to address the 2030 Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) requirement of achieving an EPC 'B' rating by 2030. Instructed by our Client, we have been tasked with investigating feasible upgrade options to meet this critical goal. Through a thorough examination and assessment, our objective was to identify and propose effective measures that will improve the building's energy efficiency, reduce its carbon footprint, and ensure compliance with the regulatory standards. 


Our Solution 


The building currently holds a 'C' rating with 73 Asset Rating points, indicating the need for some intervention to meet the required standard.  


Considering that the HVAC systems were installed during the 2008 refurbishment and are nearing the end of their economic life, we assessed various factors, including roof space and electrical capacity. Consequently, we have put forward a viable VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) solution that offers individual systems for each Tenant.  This offers additional benefits with regards to heating and cooling efficiency. 




Our solution to change the heating system in line with the natural replacement cycle of plant will allow the building to achieve an EPC 'A' and decarbonise the heating supply.   


We believe VRF to be the perfect solution for this building as it allows the Tenants greater flexibility as to when they can use their system and what setpoints they require within their spaces as they are billed directly for their usage from their on floor meters.  For the AHUs, we have proposed replacement with 'double stacked' units that incorporate heat recovery.   


EPCs at KJ Tait 


At KJ Tait, our commitment to excellence drives us to go above and beyond during EPC assessments. Our first step is to thoroughly review the operational and maintenance manuals, gaining a comprehensive understanding of how the building is designed and operated. This in-depth analysis enables us to input as much design information as possible into the model. 


M&E Engineering to Ensure Feasibility 


When the need arises to consider alternative HVAC plant to comply with the regulations, you can have confidence that our Team has the necessary skills to evaluate all aspects of potential replacement. Factors such as the life expectancy of existing plant, available plant options, roof and riser space and electrical capacity are all taken into account to find the optimum solution. Our Team's comprehensive expertise ensures that we make well-informed decisions, aligning the proposed HVAC replacement with our Clients specific needs and long-term goals. By conducting a thorough evaluation, we strive to identify the best-fit solution that not only meets regulatory compliance but also maximises efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness for your building. 

Level 5 Dynamic Simulation 


We complete all of our work in Level 5 dynamic simulation; this gives a more accurate representation of a building compared to the SBEM methodology.