KJ Tait

Piper Sandler

10 July 2024

KJ Tait were instructed to carry out full design duties on the refurbishment of the 15,800ft2 Grade B office building. This included downtakings of existing services throughout and the provision of new energy efficient air source heat pumps to provide cooling and heating along with bespoke low energy LED lighting design. 


Challenges included working to a tight design and construction programme along with coordinating new services within an existing building, maintaining a floor to ceiling height of 2.7m. 


To maintain a relatively free ceiling void for mechanical services, suspended lighting was employed. Bespoke decorative dropped ceilings were utilised within the meeting room suite to create a feature which also assisted in the services installations. 


The building energy efficiency was improved via the installation of new variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air source heat pumps to provide space heating and cooling. 


A mixed mode ventilation strategy was employed to provide mechanical ventilation to internal cellular office accommodation whilst taking advantage of natural ventilation around the perimeter areas. 


Upgrading the light fittings to low energy LED with daylight dimming provided significant in use energy savings. 


The project was completed in 2023. 


Space Solutions - Architect 

CBRE - Project Manager 

KJ Tait - MEP Engineers 


Photos credit to @Apollo Lighting