KJ Tait

Lead Times for Items of Energy Efficient Plant

12 September 2022

Like many sectors, the construction industry has experienced extraordinary challenges over the last 3 to 4 years. Economic turmoil, increased energy costs and efforts to reduce reliance on fossil fuels has increased uptake of LZCT products, however a world-wide shortage of materials, components and skills that make up a number of product lines is causing supply issues.


Where previously we might reasonably have expected larger pieces of equipment to be available within around 8 weeks, lead times of 6 or even 12 months are now not uncommon.


Manufacturers are always exploring alternative supply-chains, however in the short term, plant is currently being delivered to site late, or at best incomplete.


As Engineers we’re tasked with looking for innovative alternative solutions, ways to plug the gap until plant becomes available and establish working relationships with manufactures out-with the typical mainstream brands.