KJ Tait

Heritage - Thoughts

20 June 2022

Heritage or historic buildings typically will not meet modern design standards.  The new London Plan requires all new build and refurbished buildings of 1,000m2 or higher to be zero carbon.  Where the design cannot achieve zero carbon, a carbon levy is applied for carbon consumption above zero.


There is limited scope to improve the carbon consumption of a heritage building so Clients need to be aware of the cost penalties associated with the refurbishment of a Heritage building.

There is also the likelihood that restrictions will apply that require a building by 2030 to have an EPC rating of B or to allow the building to be rented.


There are opportunities however to relax these criteria for Heritage buildings, sometimes termed the 7 year rule.  We can assist Clients on how to obtain an agreed relaxation on an EPC B rating for a Heritage building.