KJ Tait

Energy Saving Success Story – Wellbar Central, Newcastle

28 July 2022

KJ Tait are delighted to have worked on behalf of MAPP and Orchard Street Investment Management LLP to upgrade the lighting throughout the common areas to LED lighting with occupancy control.


With the need to upgrade some common area lighting due to lifecycle replacement, KJ Tait were asked to provided a Performance Specification for the replacement of lighting ensuring that good quality LED lighting was used and suitable presence detection was installed to maximise the energy savings and the operational life of the installed lighting. The areas covered included Staircases, Lift Lobbies, Toilets, Shower Rooms, Plant areas and the below ground car park.


The lighting upgrade was completed in December 2021 at around about the time when energy costs were starting to increase and so the timing of the project couldn’t have been better, with the results from both an aesthetic perspective and an energy saving perspective being outstanding.

Six months on from completion, a review of the sub-meter readings and the properties energy bills shows there is a consistent drop in energy consumption compared to the same period in 2021 of between 33,000 and 35,000 kWh per month.  This in turn, based on the current unit rate of electricity for the property will give an ROI of 20 months purely on energy savings alone.


If the additional resulting benefits are taken into account including reduced maintenance/repair requirements, no replacement lamps to purchase, no disposal or recycling of old lamps then not only is the ROI period reduced but so is the resulting impact to the environment.


Due to the electricity already being supplied by a Net Zero supplier, the carbon emissions can’t be reduced any further, however based on the average emissions for a UK electricity supply, the Carbon emissions would be reduced by around 76,400kg per year.