KJ Tait

Delivering a Smart and Secure Electricity System: Implementation 

18 June 2024

The UK Government is currently consulting on proposed regulations for energy smart appliances as part of the Smart Secure Electricity Systems Programme.  The consultation aims to ensure the appropriate regulation of energy smart appliances and is open for responses until 21st June 2024.


The Smart Secure Electricity Systems Programme is designed to create technical and regulatory frameworks that enable domestic-scale energy smart appliances to be used flexibly by consumers to contribute to demand management across the electricity grid.  The programme seeks to give consumers the choice to use their appliances more flexibly and to enable them to shop around for deals that will reward them for doing so.


The consultation document focuses on the detail of future regulatory frameworks for energy smart appliances (ESAs) and future device-level requirements.  It proposes to bring into force Phase 1 requirements in 2026, which are intended to ensure that devices with the greatest load potential, such as heat pumps, domestic battery energy storage systems, and electric vehicle chargers, meet minimum levels of security and functionality.


The consultation also seeks industry feedback on the duration of two key timeline windows: the first phase lead-in time and the lead-in period prior to the coming into force of the second phase ESA device regulations.  The Government is open to the possibility of different technologies having temporarily different requirements that factor in their technology maturity levels.


The consultation poses a series of questions to Stakeholders, including manufacturers, energy suppliers, and providers of demand side response services, regarding the implementation of the proposed regulations.  It also addresses issues such as metering accuracy requirements, the smart mandate for heating appliances, and the resilience of appliances in the event of a loss of network access.


The Government emphasises the importance of widespread consumer participation in demand side response (DSR) services and markets, which will unlock benefits by reducing consumer energy bills and demands on the grid.  The proposed regulations aim to ensure that ESAs enable consumers and load controllers to participate as fully as possible in DSR services and markets.


Interested Stakeholders are encouraged to respond to the consultation via the CitizenSpace page or the response form on the GOV.UK consultation page.