KJ Tait

Complex Care Project, Stoneywood, Aberdeen 

4 August 2023

KJ Tait have embarked on a new Passive House project, together with MRT Architects, for a Complex Care development in the Stoneywood area of Aberdeen. The scheme will include 8 semi-detached homes and staff offices.  The offices will be designed to enable two future semi-detached residences if required. 


Passive House certified buildings are built to rigorous design standards and to be sealed against the elements with the aim of minimising energy consumption. 


Through achieving a Passive House standard, this development will not only have extremely low energy consumption but will also provide a highly controlled, comfortable living environment for vulnerable people.  As Passive House projects become more common place in the private and public sector, we will see the capital cost uplift for Passive House certification becoming less. 


Lessons learned will emerge as this project involves some quite unique requirements for the residents and their needs as well as high design standards as set by Passive House.