KJ Tait

24 August 2022

Design for Performance - Thoughts

We have recently submitted our first Design for Performance (DFP) to the Independent Design Reviewer.
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23 August 2022

A Circular Economy for Scotland

The Scottish Government have completed a consultation ‘Delivering Scotland’s Circular Economy – A Route Map to 2025 and Beyond’ which aimed to gather views on the Government’s plans to make Scotland a circular economy.
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8 August 2022

MEES EPC ‘B’ Standard – Accelerating Decarbonisation

When the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) were introduced in 2015, there was little to no risk for our Clients in achieving the minimum standard of an ‘E’ rated EPC, perhaps with the exception of stripped back shop units.
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25 July 2022

Operational Energy Reduction – low hanging fruit

As EPC/NABERS/Energy Auditors and M&E Consultants, we often visit buildings to review the Building Management System (BMS) to establish whether the operations of a building are contributing to high energy usage.
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