KJ Tait

Apache HVAC

25 May 2023

Over the last two years we have invested heavily in training our Energy Engineers to use the IES programme Apache HVAC. This was originally so that we could offer the NABERS Design for Performance framework however we now use it as standard on all our CIBSE TM54 assessments required for BREEAM and the London Plan.


Apache HVAC allows us to present to our Clients to give them a much better understanding of what their buildings will use once in operation. We assign virtual energy meters that mimic the actual metering strategy to identify areas of high consumption with a view to reducing energy consumption. In the case of existing buildings, where metering records are poor, it gives Facilities Managers an estimation of each Tenant’s consumption.


The software is changing the way we think as Engineers by placing emphasis on good design and also good control. This is where our Energy and Mechanical Engineers work together to deliver the lowest energy solutions possible. We believe we are leading the market in bringing about change within energy modelling that is contributing to Closing the Performance Gap in buildings.