KJ Tait Engineers | Vale of Leven Academy
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Vale of Leven Academy

Alexandria, West Dumbarton

KJ Tait Engineers was appointed as the Lead MEP Consultant within a team of three MEP Consultants for this new PPP Project with West Dunbartonshire Council. The project comprised four secondary schools and two primary schools with a combined cost of £120m. All the schools are primarily naturally ventilated, via manually opening windows, in accordance with the design brief.

KJ Tait Engineers undertook the mechanical and electrical engineering design for Vale of Leven Academy, a school of distinct and bespoke design responding to its educational needs, site characteristics and particular stakeholder requirements. The building includes geothermal ground source heating and cooling, which serves underfloor heating on the ground floors and cooling to rooms with high internal heat gains. The upper floors and technical rooms are heated via radiant panels served from high-efficiency condensing boilers, and fresh-air systems are heated via combined high-efficiency domestic hot-water boilers. KJ Tait Engineers calculated the CO2 savings for all four schools.


Education, Secondary