KJ Tait Engineers | Technology & Innovation Centre
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Technology & Innovation Centre


KJ Tait Engineers have recently completed the engineering services designs for one of the most advanced laboratories in the United Kingdom. The Technology & Innovation Centre (TIC) represents a new approach for academia, industry and research institutes to work together across a range of engineering fields. The £89m laboratory has a floor area of 250,000 ft². The Building was completed in 2015.

The principal driver of the TIC is to create a physical environment which will create open innovation with the following industry partners research groups who will be based in the Building alongside the 800 researchers from Strathclyde University;

  • The Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics is a world-leading research centre in the field of solid state lasers. Their UK Headquarters and laser laboratories will be located within the TIC.
  • Weir Group, Scottish Power and SSE will all house low carbon and renewable energy research groups within the TIC. Strathclyde is home to the largest electrical power engineering and energy systems research group in Europe,
  • A number of ‘big pharma’ companies are locating advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing research groups within the TIC.


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