KJ Tait Engineers | Standard Life Investments
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Standard Life Investments

KJ Tait Facilities provides an MEP consultancy service for approximately 50 properties for Standard Life Investments throughout the UK. The Standard Life estate that we oversee is made up of predominately high-specification, commercial office developments as well as 11 shopping centres. KJ Tait Facilities manages this estate in conjunction with three managing agents who are responsible for different locations and sectors. Detailed below are the main duties and responsibilities included within our contract along with a brief description of our services:

MEP Review Audits
On a quarterly basis, KJ Tait Facilities undertakes a detailed audit of the maintenance contractor’s performance over the previous three months, and inspects the condition and operation of all plant and equipment within each property. As part of this audit we review the contractor logbooks to ensure all the required maintenance and testing is being undertaken in line with contractual obligations. Following the audit a report is issued to all parties with a meeting scheduled to discuss all relevant issues.

Energy Reports
In addition to the routine MEP audit, KJ Tait Facilities also undertakes a quarterly review of all energy consumption within each property and provides an individual energy report. This report provides an overview of utility consumption over the last quarter and provides recommendations for future improvements. Energy consumption across this estate has reduced in excess of 12% since the commencement of our contract.

Helpdesk Provision
KJ Tait Facilities provides a 24/7 Helpdesk facility to all of Standard Life Investments’ properties. The Helpdesk handles all reactive maintenance calls and manages the process from initial call out through to full completion of every maintenance task. The Helpdesk also provides a monthly report highlighting each contractor’s performance against their contract service level agreements. Over 10,000 jobs are raised annually by the Helpdesk on this contract.


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