KJ Tait Engineers | Standard Life Investments Estate
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Standard Life Investments Estate

KJ Tait Engineers provides Energy Services for a variety of building types in the Standard Life portfolio including offices, business parks, shopping centres and industrial sites located throughout the UK. Energy auditing, monitoring and reporting is carried out for each property on a quarterly basis and various energy-saving initiatives are proposed, agreed and tracked along with each quarterly report. High-level energy consumption and initiative overviews are also provided for each estate within the portfolio and sustainability workshops are held regularly to review each estate’s progress.

An overall target was set by Standard Life Investments for a 10% reduction in energy consumption over a 5-year period. Over the 3 years we have been involved we have achieved an overall saving of circa 6% over the whole estate, with some individual properties achieving savings of up to 30%. This reduction has been achieved through implementation of various energy-saving initiatives ranging from no-cost housekeeping initiatives, such as minimising out-of-hours consumption and control adjustments to low-cost timers and lighting controls, to higher-cost items such as plant replacement.

We are now focusing on tenant engagement to reduce overall consumption for each property and higher-cost items such as Low or Zero Carbon Technologies, e.g. photovoltaic panels and CHP units.