KJ Tait Engineers | Maggie’s Centres
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Maggie’s Centres

UK Wide

The Maggie’s Centres Foundation, dedicated to the memory of Maggie Keswick Jenks, provides emotional, practical and social support to people with cancer and their families and friends. Maggie’s Centres are housed in small pavilions, adjacent to hospitals specialising in treating tumours, and the style, form and ambience of each building is considered one of the key elements for the success of the assistance provided. The provision of open, welcoming, relaxed care, along with free professional help in carefully designed centres has proven highly effective in alleviating the emotional distress and practical difficulties that cancer brings. Pursuing a policy of high quality, the Foundation has for some time now entrusted the design of the pavilions to architects of contemporary architecture.

KJ Tait Engineers undertakes the MEP design commissions for all Maggie’s Centres throughout the UK on an ongoing pro bono basis. This work includes the design of heating systems, ventilation, lighting, power distributions and all mechanical and electrical design.


Recent centres include:

  • Maggie’s Centre Fife, Kirkcaldy
  • Maggie’s Centre Cotswolds, Cheltenham
  • Maggie’s Centre Oxford
  • Maggie’s Centre Gartnavel, Glasgow
  • Maggie’s Centre Nottingham
  • Maggie’s Centre Swansea
  • Maggie’s Centre North East, Newcastle
  • Maggie’s Centre Lanarkshire
  • Maggie’s Centre Aberdeen
  • Maggie’s Centre Forth Valley