KJ Tait Edinburgh Office

4 Rothesay Place

0131 225 7117





Our Edinburgh office is situated at 4 Rothesay Place which lies within the West End of Edinburgh and makes up part of Edinburgh’s historic New Town. Built in 1876 Rothesay Place was named after the royal title the Duke of Rothesay, given in Scotland to the reigning monarch’s elder son (currently – Prince Charles). At the time the plan for streets were assembled, the title belonged to George Prince Regent, who later became King George IV.

In 1808 Robert Brown made a plan for developing a large part of this land, with what is known as Melville Street to the main axis. This was and still can be referred to as the West End Development. Melville Street was at least partly built by 1825-6, the rest followed slowly resulting in the Rothesay development being entrusted to the architectural firm of Peddie and Kinnear in 1872.


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