KJ Tait Engineers | Irvine Bay Wind Turbines
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Irvine Bay Wind Turbines

A Low or Zero Carbon Technologies (LZCT) feasibility study was prepared for Irvine Bay Developments Ltd by KJ Tait Engineers for Annickbank Business Park development, Irvine. The feasibility study involved review of current legislation including building regulations and planning policies and review of targets set for the development in terms of CO2 reductions and BREEAM targets with respect to energy reductions and use of LZCT. The feasibility of each LZCT was assessed against site restrictions, energy demand for the site, CIBSE TM38 methodology and payback periods, taking into account the government’s Feed-In-Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive schemes.

The recommended LZCT for the site was for installation of at least one wind turbine. This was due to the consistent year-round electrical demand, suitable wind provision at the site, sufficient space on site to accommodate a turbine and a relatively short payback period.

Further to the initial LZCT feasibility study, a review was also undertaken into various models of wind turbine. We provided an appraisal for the different models, analysing their performance, output and cost. KJ Tait Engineers are also the MEP engineers for this project and have provided specifications for the proposed wind turbine for the development.