KJ Tait Engineers | Goodman Property Portfolio
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Goodman Property Portfolio

KJ Tait Facilities undertakes an MEP consultancy role for Goodman UK across a number of their investment properties in the UK. The properties are all modern, air-conditioned buildings with multiple tenancies and located within Goodman’s business park portfolio. KJ Tait Facilities works alongside Workman, who act as managing agent for these properties.

One of our main duties is to undertake routine audits of each property, assessing the condition of the MEP installations as well as the performance of the maintenance contractor over the previous quarter. We also provide design and management support for minor MEP Installations.

The other main element of our contract is to provide energy management support across the portfolio. This role includes reviewing energy consumption, and quarterly reports detail the energy savings achieved over the previous three months. Since our energy management role started in 2011 there has been approximately a 20% energy saving across the portfolio. A large percentage of these savings has come via improved housekeeping methods along with tighter control of building management systems. In addition to this we have been involved with a range of energy initiatives including the installation of LED lighting, high-efficiency chillers, boiler optimisation controls, smart metering and the installation of PV panels at a number of the properties. We are also undertaking live monitoring of smart meters at one of the properties to ensure unnecessary energy consumption is avoided.


Facilities Management