KJ Tait Engineers | Goodman Estate
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Goodman Estate

KJ Tait Engineers provides energy management services for office and business park developments for the Goodman Estate. Energy auditing, monitoring and reporting is carried out for these properties on a quarterly basis.

There has been a reduction in overall energy consumption of 24.8 % since our initial involvement in 2010.

An example is Apollo Court. This 58,700 ft2 office, part of a business park in Hatfield and consisting of four floors of office and plant space, has reduced overall energy consumption by 25.1 % since our initial involvement in 2010. Examples of some initiatives implemented include adjustments to time scheduling and temperature set points, a full controls validation, installation of Sabien M2G technology, upgrades to pipework and ductwork insulation, installation of actuators to roof vents to allow them to be opened in warmer weather to remove the build-up of heat in the atria, installation of a solar film on the atria roof in order to minimise solar heat gain in the summer months and installation of voltage optimisation equipment.