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Facilities Management

KJ Tait Engineers has offered facilities management services since 1996 and now provides facilities support to 120 premises throughout the UK.

Our expertise relates to engineering services facilities management. We employ qualified engineering facilities managers who are supported by our specialist design engineers and our energy and environmental engineers. We are typically engaged to provide specialist support to building occupiers with limited in-house engineering staff, or to managing agents who provide outsourced facilities and estate management services.

Our facilities engineers specialise in the management, operation, energy efficiency and maintenance of building services in all property sectors. Our services include the procurement of specialist maintenance contracts as well as providing expert advice on how best to operate a building to achieve its maximum efficiency. With the increased complexity and sophistication of building systems, this service adds value to our clients by providing relevant and expert engineering support.

Our range of services includes:

  • acquisition and condition surveys
  • air conditioning inspection reports
  • building EPC and DEC certification
  • contractor performance monitoring
  • facilities management contract procurement
  • future planning; typically 10-year planned replacement costing
  • minor works design and project management
  • regulation compliance service
  • resilience studies of critical plant and critical systems
  • statutory compliance audits
  • energy management services

Additionally, KJ Tait Engineers operates a 24/7 helpdesk facility that responds to all reactive calls at properties managed by the department. The main function of the helpdesk is to provide a central point of contact for building managers to direct all queries and issues relating to their property. The helpdesk identifies the requirements of each call logged and allocates appropriate resources to action any task raised.





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