KJ Tait Engineers | East Renfrewshire Schools for the Future
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East Renfrewshire Schools for the Future

KJ Tait Engineers were the MEP consultant for the £50m East Renfrewshire Council Schools for the 21st Century PPP Projects, comprising four schools. Both new build and refurbishment of existing schools were undertaken.

Williamwood High School was redesigned for 1,710 pupils. The accommodation comprises 91 class bases, a physical education suite, a library, music and drama/dance studios, dining area, assembly and pupil social areas, with a total size of 18,000 m².

Woodfarm High School has 1,000 pupil places. The existing building was remodelled and the new extension comprises 29 class bases for English, maths, science and ICT with dining area, assembly and pupil social areas. The development totals 5,800 m².

Mearns Castle High School previously had 1,426 pupils and the new extension accommodates a further 124 pupils. The extension comprises 21 class bases for maths and social studies, gymnasium, two drama studios, supplementary dining area, assembly and pupil social, with a total area of 5,100 m².

New Community Inclusive Education Campus, Carlibar was designed for 594 pupils. It also accommodates nursery units, a pre-school assessment and development unit and language and communication unit together with additional specialist creative facilities and community/adult support services. The total size is 5,939 m².


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