Daylight & Sunlight Impact Assessments for Planning

For most new urban developments, it is necessary that a daylight and sunlight impact assessment will be required for submission to the local planning authority.

These assessments are required to ensure that the quality of daylight and sunlight at adjacent properties and gardens is not significantly impacted upon by the new development and can include the following:

  • Review proposed and existing view of sky line
  • Assessing the quality of internal daylight within a proposed building
  • Predicting the daylight/sunlight impact of a development at the windows of adjacent buildings
  • Predicting the daylight/sunlight impact of a development on adjacent public areas, gardens or development land
  • Right of Light assessments at existing dwellings (England only).

This is typically assessed through using modelling software to accurately build a 3D model of the proposed development and adjacent areas to allow us to predict the Vertical Sky Component (VSC) values at the existing dwellings before and after the proposed development.