Chesham Preparatory School, New Swimming Facility


KJ Tait Engineers were commissioned by Chesham Preparatory School as part of the team to develop a masterplan in response to the school’s appraisal of future needs.  Focusing on sport and creative arts, the masterplan includes the development of new swimming facilities and a new 4-lane 25m swimming pool.  Planning consent has been given for a dining hall, performance space, landscaping and additional classrooms to accommodate extracurricular activities.  The pool is the first phase of the development.

The school is situated in the green belt area of Chesham and obtaining planning permission was identified as a major challenge.  Planning was approved as the approach complemented the existing landscape, traffic congestion was addressed, the building height was minimised and materials were selected for their sustainability properties, as well as to complement adjacent historic buildings and rural surroundings.

The mechanical and electrical installation was designed to complement the building exterior and minimise any impact on the landscape.  All distribution supply ductwork is buried in the floor slab. This reduces the overall height of the building in accordance with planning restrictions and internally achieves clean lines of sight.   The building was orientated to maximise solar gains and PV panels were installed to improve the building carbon footprint.

Infrastructure works included the re-routing of existing below ground services and the reinforcement of power supplies with the installation of a new electrical substation.

The design was undertaken with a single coordinated BIM model and energy modelling was carried out to model thermal and carbon impact of the building.

The development is highly sustainable in terms of fabric thermal properties, which were above minimum standards, high efficiency ventilation plant with high levels of heat recovery, and variable speed control to suit demand. The building achieved an ‘A’ rating EPC and a ‘Very Good’ BREEAM rating.

The work was completed in time for the school’s 80th birthday.


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