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Building Information Modelling (BIM) has redefined project delivery in the design and engineering industry, changing everything from the tools we use, the skills required, and the way we work with clients.

At KJ Tait Engineers, we strive to deliver our services to the highest possible standard and recognise we must evolve and improve our organisation when the opportunity arises. BIM and the UK Government’s introduction of their 2016 BIM Level 2 Mandate has allowed us to unlock new and more efficient ways of working through all stages of a project.

BIM is a suite of co-ordinated technological and procedural processes which are underpinned by the use of intelligent, data rich 3D models. These processes streamline the entire design and a successful BIM led project will promote the core values of collaboration and information management. It will provide a predictable design route which will allow the building to be simulated and assessed before it is built, in turn presenting opportunities for improved co-ordination, visualisation and efficiency of the project.

Our already existing expertise in 3D building design and collaborative systems meant we were ideally placed to implement a smooth and successful transition to the new BIM design environment. Alongside the development of our existing skills, there has been significant investment in Hardware, Software and Training, ensuring our staff are armed with the appropriate tools and skills to facilitate excellence when designing within a BIM environment. To complement these investments we have established organisational policies, systems and procedures that ensure our BIM designs are compliant with all relevant standards.

We have a proven track record in delivering BIM compliant projects across multiple sectors and have BIM Level 2 capable teams and BRE Accredited BIM Level 2 designers throughout the organisation. As well as our BIM Level 2 design teams, we have an in-house FM team who can act as Government Soft Landing champions. This allows us to manage the process and maintain The Golden Thread from RIBA stage 0 through to post occupancy evaluation, including preparing future EIRs that will enable the ongoing management of the BIM and Asset Information Model (AIM). This process allows the client to optimise their BIM/AIM models and make key decisions to suit their facilities management and asset lifecycle requirements, ensuring that value is achieved in the operational lifecycle of the asset.