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APAX Estate

KJ Tait Engineers was commissioned by APAX Partners to carry out energy audits and energy reporting for their office buildings in London. Their London head office building is 33 Jermyn Street, a 100,000ft2 air-conditioned office. Energy consumption has been closely monitored and initiatives have been implemented that do not compromise the full functionality of the building.

These initiatives have realised overall energy savings of 23.3% since our initial involvement in 2009.

Key energy initiatives include: rationalisation of plant time schedules, installation of PIR lighting occupancy sensors, comms room A/C unit switched off and room set point raised, control of the boilers through the BMS has been upgraded to eliminate previous 24-hour usage, set point for the office air-handling units have been set to 20oC in summer and 18oC in winter and chiller flow set point raised in line with weather patterns.

The breakdown of the electricity consumption per floor and for individual items of plant was also explored. Through targeted initiatives, 14% reduction in electricity consumption of the comms room and 22% reduction in consumption of the chillers was realised.