LETI Pioneer

KJ Tait Engineers have been engaging with LETI (London Energy Transformation Initiative) on one of our secondary school projects and are pleased to say we have been selected to be a member of the LETI pioneer community. Our school is one of only three schools within a total of twenty-two LETI pioneer projects nationwide.

The schemes selected range from small residential houses to larger school and commercial properties with design development ranging from RIBA Stages 1 to 7.

Our school is currently mid-way through RIBA Stage 3. This pioneer school project is being delivered as a team initiative with ADP Architects and AKS Structural Engineers with whom we have a strong working relationship through our Corde collaborative business venture. This is the first such scheme run by LETI, a driving force in addressing the current climate emergency within the built environment.  As members of the pioneer scheme we will be attending forums chaired by the LETI steering committee.  The forums aim to:

  • Act as a sounding board of ideas, to challenge current practice and promote best practice.
  • Share lessons learned and resources.
  • Identify where additional resources could support further growth and development industry-wide.
  • Increase awareness and participation of submitting post occupancy usage.

At each forum, building projects will be selected for presentation and discussion and one of the pioneer commitment targets will be chosen as a topic for presentation by an industry expert.  Each project has to ensure in-use monitoring and publication of energy data as well as meeting one of the following LETI commitments:

  • Energy Use Intensity (EUI) targets for the relevant building archetype.
  • Embodied carbon targets.
  • Have fossil free heating and hot water and use the Heat Decision tree to select systems.
  • Develop a demand response strategy and implement design measures and active measures to reduce electrical grid demand.
  • Provide enough on-site and off-site renewable generation to achieve a zero carbon balance.

Our secondary school project is targeting an energy consumption which is significantly less than a typical new build secondary school.  We will calculate the predicted energy using CIBSE Guide TM54: Evaluating Operational Performance of Buildings at the Design Stage.  This methodology assumes a good level of understanding of both the occupancy levels and operation of the building.  Though normally out of scope for M&E Consultants, small power usage will make up a significant proportion of the building’s energy demand, therefore advice on how to reduce this load will be given.  The school is also committed to being fossil fuel free, important if the EUI is to be met. We have not committed to a specific embodied target but are monitoring it and hoping to use embodied carbon to drive better product and material selection.

LETI, though originally London focused, is gaining traction further afield and more information can be found on their website:




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Please get in touch if you have a general query or you would like to discuss any aspect of LETI. KJ Tait have a dedicated in-house Energy and Sustainability Team who are fully integrated into the Engineering design projects we deliver and we would be pleased to get involved in the planning stages of a project to inform the design process as early as possible. We can also offer a short presentation on any aspect of Energy and Sustainability which may be of interest to your team and which can be arranged at a time to suit you.

Contact Details:

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T: 0131 225 7117 (Edinburgh Office)